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Use our lightweight API for everything!

KAPED is the only service provider offering everything you need to run your credit card business under one umbrella, use all or only what you need.

Fraud & KYC Check

Prevent erroneous applications from being sent to your underwriters

Core Systems

Card issuance, transaction data, & portfolio monitoring

Banking Ledger

The ultimate reporting tool to track and monitor flow of funds


Offer cashback, crypto, travel rewards and discounts +more!

AI Powered Chatbot

Automate customer service and collections

Credit Scorecard

Approve applications faster by setting your parameters

How Much is Your Portfolio Worth?

Use our proprietary profit calculator to view how much your revenue will increase.

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White Glove Service

KAPED takes care of the collections & customer service under your brand

Revenue Paid Daily

Earn on interchange, cashback, and cardholder fees. See Pricing for more info

0% APR Credit Cards

Give your clients a no-penalty LOC and allow them to carry a balance

Global Issuance

Scale your credit card program and issue globally.

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